Monday, 2 December 2013

Munchie Bob

I have just released my fifth game. Munchie Bob.

Like my previous game this game is developed using Construct 2. The assets is made using Inkscape.
Probably I need to start to learn on using GIMP on texture effects for my next game.

For this game, I tried to do a bit of game or level design. So I`ve made about 30 levels for this game. It is quite fun but a bit challenging to do. This game is inspired by "Chip's challenge" from the old Windows 3.1 era... :)

Probably not going to release on Android for now.  I put my development on hold for this platform. I don't see any point of supporting a store or market that I cant sell my apps.

Still waiting for Mac Mini refreshed before I jump ship to IOS development.

  • Mobile friendly.
  • 30 levels.
  • Portals, Sliders, Moveable Rocks and etc.
  • Rotate to portrait screen.
  • Sound on/off (in game option)
  • Built using Construct 2 game engine.